How to Get Funds for Your Business Faster- Business Funding Opportunities

Are you looking for how to get funding for your business? When starting a new business, or thinking of growing your business, the first thing you will usually think of is how to get funds you need to start. Every business, small or big needs funds or money to thrive.

Every year, a lot of businesses fold up because of lack of capital or funding. There are different ways to fund your business which includes: personal savings, money from friends and families, grant, loan, crowdfunding, and venture capital.

However, you must note that whichever way you choose to fund your business will affect your business structure and how you run it.

Before you start looking for funding for your small business, you must first determine how much you need.

Anyone who wants to build a house must first sit down to and calculate the cost.

This step is very important. Now that you have determined how much you need, the next step is to find out which funding opportunity suits your kind of business depending on how you wish to run your business.

In this post, I will keep you up to date on available funding opportunities like grant opportunities, crowdfunding opportunities, venture capitalists and where to get low interest loans for your business.

Business Funding Opportunities

On this page we always post up to date business funding opportunities that you can apply for to pump more cash into your business.

  1. Access up to $500,000 for projects affecting the lives of women from USAID and WGDPApply Now

     Application Deadline:

     Country: All Countries

  2. $10,000 grant for women from WGH & NOVARTIS Foundation – Apply Now

     Application Deadline:  11:59 EDT on the 23rd of October 2020


  3. Access up to $40,000 grant from African Development Bank – Apply Now

      Application Deadline:


  4. Acess up to $325,000 from GSMA innovation fund – Apply Now

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